My private teaching experience has been varied—I’ve taught guitar players, keyboardists and singer-songwriters everything from improvisation, technique, harmony, theory and sight reading to music production and critical listening. My aim has always been to address the student’s individual long and short-term goals, working on their particular strengths and weaknesses, while simultaneously introducing them to a wider range of concepts and contexts.

I pride myself on my attention to detail in areas such as instrumental delivery, composition, arranging and producing. This is something I always impress upon students—in my experience, this approach is extremely effective in developing a student’s taste; discovering what devices work for you and deciding how to employ those devices goes a long way towards finding one’s own voice on the instrument. I believe in providing students with strategies for learning, not simply relying on stock exercises but teaching them how to learn—how to practice efficiently and adapt exercises to their own needs.

My professional work outside of teaching has led me to a more interdisciplinary space, exploring the relationship between music, literature and theatre and the use of music technology in performance—an area I am keen to explore in the educational realm via workshops and demonstrations. I’ve also been developing a workshop on critical and analytical listening for musicians, with a focus on listening for and isolating specific details in production, performance, composition and arrangement.

what I can teach you 

  • Guitar concepts, technique, improvisation
  • Music theory, reading, ear training
  • Composing and arranging
  • Music production 
  • Critical/analytical listening


INR 1500 per hour

INR 2000 per hour (if I come to you)

Read a paper I wrote about the importance of titling instrumental music back when I was at university: