Varun Kishore is a guitar player, composer and producer from Calcutta, India.  He graduated from the London College of Music at the University of West London in 2012, with a Bachelors degree in Popular Music Performance. In the years since, his music has metamorphosed into a more inclusive, interdisciplinary form. His recent work explores the use of technology in live performance and the ever-decreasing divide between studio and stage. From 2014-2017, he ran his own studio—Seagull Sound—in Calcutta. He is currently completing an MMus in Creative Practice at Goldsmiths, University of London.

As a performer and producer, Varun is comfortable working in different genres of music, from pop and rock to jazz, neo-soul, electronic and film music. He performs as a solo artist and as part of experimental electro-pop trio Preying Mantis. He also creates and performs original music for spoken-word poetry, theatre and art.

Some of these projects are:

Storm Still (March & July 2017; March, April, June & October 2015)

A theatrical music production based on Peter Handke’s ‘Storm Still’ (Seagull Books, 2014), involving actor Tanaji Dasgupta delivering the text as a monologue while Varun plays an original soundscape comprising composed and recorded music as well as live improvised sections using a palette of instruments including guitar, drums, synth, metallophone, tibetan bowls & ebow.

Funded by the Goethe-Institut and performed in Kolkata, Mumbai, Dhaka. Coming to Chennai & New Delhi, July 2017.

A History of Clouds (February 2017; March & November 2014)

A concert of original music based on 28 poems from German poet Hans Magnus Enzensberger’s ‘A History of Clouds: 99 Meditations’ (Seagull Books, 2010)

The show was funded by the Goethe-Institut and toured Kolkata, New Delhi, Mumbai and Dhaka.